Official Rules for the 2016-2017 Polar Bear Challenge:

Polar Bear Challenge Dates: The Challenge will run from December 1, 2016 to February 15, 2017.

Entries: Entrants must be members in good standing of the Polarbearchallenge site.

If you have not done so, change the name of your channel here to match your YouTube channel to avoid any confusion. Upper right of this page you will see "settings" click that and then under "Full Name" type in the name of your YouTube channel.

All videos for entry must be posted on your page here via embed from YouTube. The time from the YouTube date stamp will be official. (If you are having a problem doing the embed or link contact an admin here to show you how.)

Main Judge Navythomas8 assistant Judge Maikeli7, And a third Judge who will remain nameless. The purpose of the third judge is to have an uneven count, if any issue's arise again, Then it will be a simple 3 person judgement.

stats Gentlemans9

site admins Navythomas8

Qualifying Vehicles: The ride must be made on a two or three wheel motorcycle or scooter/moped 49cc or larger.

Qualifying Temperature: Official rides must be made at a temperature outdoors of 32F / 0C or lower. The temperature must be shown and spoken at the beginning of the ride measured by an ambient thermometer (either alcohol/mercury) or digital. IR (laser) thermometer readings are not accurate for air temperature measurements and will not be accepted for entries. Temperature of digital thermometers will be rounded using math rounding. (Example 32.4 will be considered 32 and 32.5 will be considered 33.)

Qualifying Ride Duration: The ride part of the video will last a total of three minutes or longer. Intros and end credits don't count as part of the three minutes. The judge(s) reserves the right to limit video entries to first 7 minutes if the amount of videos become difficult for the judge(s) to be able to keep up with.

Miles: For the miles category, Starting and ending odometer readings must be shown and spoken. If a reading is missing or cannot be determined the ride will still count but as a zero miles ride.

One entry posted per day maximum. You may also post one additional video per day as a non-entry example: Video about cold weather riding gear. In the event of a problem with this site or YouTube the judge(s) may wave this limit.

Rewards: (1) If you have completed three qualifying rides as decided by an official judge of "The Polar Bear Challenge" you will be considered a member and "Polar Bear." (2) We have a points system with 32 degrees earning one point per mile and each degree colder adding .1 points per mile. Categories, lowest temp, most rides and most miles will still be tracked and recorded for those who care about the stats. Any stickers or patches given out will be decided as volunteers, and funds are available.

It is your responsibility to call to attention of the judge(s) any videos you make or corrections in stats before the last day of competition.

Points will be a simple count of each mile times the temperature factor described above.

Temperature will be ranked lowest to highest achieved by each person competing.

Rides will be a simple total count.

Miles / Kilometers will be a total with each ride rounded to the nearest mile using math rounding .5 rounded up and .4 rounded down.

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