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I am hoping we have a good turn out this year ! I know I will be trying to get my three rides in and if I can I will get more . Do to health reasons I more then likely will be parking the Goat early this season . But ! I will be here to harass the rest of you ! LOL !  
MuzzleMike Nov 19 '16, 06:25AM
The weather here is not working with me ! Grrrr The lows are in the low 40s ! I am not going to get a ride in for at least the next couple of days ! 
MuzzleMike Dec 2 '15, 08:35AM · Comments: 1
Last year some here seemed to have a problem with participants with a sidecar. After all, it's much harder to fall off the bike. For me it is about the only way to have fun on the bike as we have ice and snow for probably 7-8 months of the year. If sidecar rigs are allowed then I will be happy to participate as we've are already over 50" of snow so far and have gotten as low as -26°F already since the end of September. I think that the rules allow 3 wheels but if I'm misinterpreting something please let me know.
RichardM Nov 29 '15, 10:04PM
Can not  WAIT until day 1 !  I am hoping we all have a good season this year . Lets get the bikes ready and remember . Be Safe ! 
MuzzleMike Oct 23 '15, 10:15AM · Comments: 2
There are polar bear challenge patches available here:

They are $6 each but we have to order 25 minimum.

They look like the below:

One of us would have to collect money, make the order, and mail patches.

I would do it but with my up coming schedule it would prevent me from doing it in a timely manner.

I'm throwing this out to see interest in the patches and if anyone is willing to take on the task.

My vote is if you want one you have to send the cash up front, that way the person doing it doesn't get boned.

BrockGrimes Feb 20 '15, 06:07PM
As time is closing in... take a moment to make sure your videos are all in the stats page (other than those being judged or recently judged).  
todkapuz Feb 14 '15, 10:50PM · Comments: 3

Welp, that figures. The first time all winter that cold air is close enough on a day I can actually get to it............ is the night after the PBC closes.  *sigh* 
todkapuz Feb 10 '15, 09:37PM
Today was my first "real" ride in the cold.  I've ridden a quad in the snow in NM.  But this is my first real ride on a bike in the cold.  The past few days it's been a little colder than i'd like for back and forth to work.  Kept getting to cold riding home.  SO today I put on 2 pair of gloves, one thin, one thicker, my hoodie and my leather jacket.  Opted to skip the long johns as I'd have to change as soon as I got to work, to hot in here.  Faired pretty well, the knees got a little colder than i'd expected but not to bad.  For me I guess cold weather riding basically comes down to layers in order to stay warm.  Works well.  Still need the chin curtain insert for my helmet.

I recorded the ride in so we'll see how the video goes.

BrockGrimes Feb 3 '15, 06:31AM · Comments: 6
I have been removing snow for the last couple of days ! More coming in a couple of days . They are saying between 3 to 10 inches ! With all the ice and snow . I am hoping that this is not the end of my PBC season !  I hope the rest of the riders are having a better time then I am .  Ride Safe Everyone ! 
MuzzleMike Jan 30 '15, 08:51PM · Tags: snowed in !
todkapuz Just saw this and thought might be something fun for NT8 to play with some day... although a little on the pricy side perhaps.
todkapuz Jan 18 '15, 01:26AM · Comments: 6
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